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Nepal Disaster Relief – Victoria event May 21

April 27, 2015

Red Cross teams are on the ground in Nepal responding to this devastating earthquake.

UPDATE May 21, 2015: Victoria BC Relief Rally Event being held 5-7pm, Thursday, May 21.

This weekend a catastrophic magnitude-7.8 earthquake shook the Indian subcontinent and devastated the small country of Nepal, where Dev Amatya, ViVitro Labs Senior Research Biomedical Engineer, PhD, is originally from.   The latest statistics indicate 3,900 killed and 7,000 injured, but surely to rise as remote areas of the country are not accounted for.  Thankfully, Dev’s mom and family have managed to stay safe camping out in the lawn for the past four days bearing through a series of aftershocks (6.9 and 6.7 in magnitude).

Dev made the following appeal to employees that we would like to share with site visitors: “I am very thankful to our Canadian government with the immediate response of $5M pledge towards the relief efforts and dispatching our specialized  disaster response team. The people in Nepal and myself would be very thankful to a few dollar contributions from the extended Starfish/ViVitro family towards the disaster relief efforts through our Canadian Red Cross or World Food Programme.  A couple of Loonies or Toonies can provide the needed help in a devastated third-world country of Nepal. Thank you for helping during Nepal’s time in need.”

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