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StarFish Medical offers medical device development services for Ultrasonix OEM customers

September 6, 2013

StarFish Medical  works with Analogic’s Ultrasonix, which develops diagnostic ultrasound systems at its facility in Richmond BC, to offer an easier way for Ultrasonix OEM customers to:

–          Develop and manufacture add-on hardware components to their ultrasound engine including multiplexers and connector adapters

–          Design and manufacture carts to house Ultrasonix core OEM components

–          Create solutions built with Ultrasonix OEM software toolkits

John Walmsley, PPhys CPhys; StarFish Medical VP Product Development is delighted at the opportunity to help additional companies utilize the Ultrasonix platform.  “Through our work with Ultrasonix, we know Ultrasonix systems.  As OEM development partners, we bring our experience in designing and implementing ultrasound system hardware and software design in addition to custom transducers and beam forming algorithms.  Helping others fully utilize the power of Ultrasonix systems through custom software and medical device development or design and manufacturing is a natural extension of our relationship.”

StarFish Medical and  Ultrasonix have worked together on a number of initiatives in recent years: analyzing existing ultrasound system use and workflow, surveying competitive and analogous products, creating workflow, architecture and GUI designs for server-based image handling, selecting required software components, developing useable GUI models, and producing detailed product requirements.

Kris Dickie, Director of Engineering & Managing Director of Analogic’s Ultrasonix, echoes John’s enthusiasm and explains why StarFish is a logical development partner for the platform. “Our open architecture and software development toolkits (SDK) make it easy to develop unique user interfaces for new and proprietary medical devices that incorporate ultrasound imaging for ground breaking applications.  Our history with StarFish Medical makes them a great choice for customers seeking assistance when developing innovative ultrasound imaging solutions.”

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