Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy Journal publishes article co-authored by StarFish Medical Engineer

Cover articleVICTORIA, British Columbia, May 07, 2014 — Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy Journal published Coaptation/elevation role of the middle deltoid muscle fibers: a static biomechanical pilot study using shoulder MRI, co-authored by StarFish Medical Engineer, Joan Hereter Gregori.   Working closely with doctors in the first North American research laboratory with an ISO 13485 certification, the project team followed ISO standards to enhance the quality of their findings.

“The research was conducted as part of my master’s thesis.  It describes a new method of muscle forces calculation using MRI images and it compares the results found between patients with rotator cuff muscles tears and healthy volunteers.  The process involved product requirements and technical specifications development, method development (CAD modelling and programming), verification tasks (repeatability and feasibility studies) and result analysis using statistical tools.  These skills are all useful in my current work at StarFish Medical.”

Picture Joan Hereter GregoriJoan recently returned to StarFish Medical after living in London, England.  He previously worked on Mizuho OSI technical specifications and verification development, contributing to the IEC 60601 Edition 3 tests approval. Joan is now a mechanical biomedical engineer providing design development, risk analysis, and product development tasks.

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