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Deki Reader

Empowering Healthcare Workers Worldwide

Fio was looking to create a highly versatile medical diagnostic product and partnered with Kangaroo to help develop one from the ground up.

Challenging Environments

The Fio Deki Reader was designed to be a portable diagnostics platform for use in laboratories, on the field in developing nations, or anything in between. For example local healthcare workers in low-resource developing world settings often face challenges in testing large numbers of blood samples for malaria, Ebola, HIV, and other diseases without the luxury of a clean laboratory environment. The Fio Deki Reader is effective in alleviating these challenges and provides healthcare workers with the tools they need to help put a stop to the spread of infectious diseases. The Fio Deki reader along with the Fionet system allows users to detect, report, and track the incidence of many different illnesses.

The Solution

After a high level system architecture and requirements for the device were established, Kangaroo took on the industrial and mechanical design of the system allowing Fio to concentrate on the electronics and the development of the Fionet system. As a product that would frequently find use in the developing world, special attention was given to ruggedization and testing for durability. Cleanability was also a top concern since the device is often exposed to infectious diseases. With these requirements in mind, Kangaroo’s multidisciplinary team was able successfully assist Fio in designing a product which could also be submitted to multiple regulatory bodies.

In addition to developing industrial and mechanical design of the system, Kangaroo also took on the manufacturing, logistics, and distribution, which allowed Fio to concentrate on its core competencies and technologies. Together with Fio, Kangaroo currently manufactures and distributes the Fio Deki Reader enabling healthcare workers to diagnose and track cases of malaria, Ebola, HIV, and many more diseases across the globe.


Client: Fio






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