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ExactVu™ Micro-Ultrasound Platform

A Fresh Start

To create the world’s first 29 MHz micro-ultrasound system for prostate imaging and guidance of biopsies, Exact Imaging and StarFish Medical (Kangaroo) partnered to create the cutting edge ExactVu™ instrument to match the cutting edge technology which will enable a new paradigm in urological imaging.


Usability First

When a prostate biopsy is performed, urologists are required to take a series of systematic “blinded” tissue samples guided by a low-fidelity ultrasound image. Nothing is more important than precision and reliability. Exact Imaging’s ExactVu micro-ultrasound system provides a significant breakthrough in resolution enabling the urologists to see the prostate in exquisite detail, to differentiate healthy from potentially suspicious tissue and to actually target suspicious regions in the prostate. This will be a new paradigm in targeted micro-ultrasound-guided biopsies.

With the strict requirements of high-throughput procedure times and exquisite imaging resolution to allow targeted precision of the biopsies, all elements of the system’s ergonomics, workflow, and user interface needed to be optimized to meet these needs. Kangaroo’s design methodology involved multiple rounds of usability testing with key stakeholders, including clinicians so as to validate these stringent usability requirements. These sessions were followed by rapid prototyping, guided by all new findings. All design elements, from the placement of the high resolution probes, instrument controls, height and rotation adjustments, were carefully considered and incorporated into the product design.




Concept to Customer

In designing the first device of its kind, it was important to create an aesthetic for the ExactVu system that boldly differentiated it from conventional ultrasound systems and elicited the feeling of innovation that reflected the technical superiority of the instrument. In addition, the color scheme and design form was chosen to help provide patients with a sense of confidence in the instrumentation itself. Creative use of both off-the shelf and custom components were incorporated to meet the strict requirements for manufacturability, cost control and weight restrictions.

As the system was designed in accordance with ISO 13485 guidelines from inception, the transfer of the ExactVu instrument from design stages to Kangaroo’s manufacturing division was seamless. The Kangaroo production team was involved early in the R&D process and were key stakeholders throughout the design and prototyping process. At Kangaroo’s Manufacturing facility, the ExactVu carts are currently being assembled, tested, and prepared to ship directly to customers around the world.

Client: Exact Imaging


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