Virtual Medical Device Playbook

Medical Device Playbook Events are now virtual.

Canada’s premiere event for medical device professionals since 2015 is currently a series of monthly webinars during COVID-19.

Industry speakers and panels from across North America converge online to network and discuss 2022 trends, opportunities, and strategies with other industry entrepreneurs and veterans.

“It is nice to see the webinar events hosted by StarFish with a great line of speakers, always insightful.” –Attendee feedback


Previously Recorded

Lishan Aklog PAVmed – MDPlaybook Toronto LiveStream

Lishan Aklog PAVmed – MDPlaybook Toronto LiveStream: Building medical device companies from scratch – Lessons and insights from one clinician entrepreneur’s magical journey

Lishan Aklog, MD – Chairman & CEO of PAVmed, Entrepreneur and businessperson who founded PAVmed, Inc., Pavilion Medical Innovations LLC and Pavilion Holdings Group LLC and headed 8 different companies, covers:

  • Rapid commercialization
  • Taking PAVMed public
  • Pathways accelerating medical device speed to market
  • Digital Health vs Hardware

Scott Phillips, Medical Device Playbook and StarFish Medical Founder hosts and moderates live audience Q&A with presenters.


Average audience rating for Medical Device Playbook events: 9/10! “Honestly, I am very impressed with the caliber of guests and topics covered today. Keep up the good work.”

Recorded: October 6, 2022

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MDPLAYBOOK Toronto Livestream: Gregg Homer Strōma Medical

From Entertainment Law to Eye Color Change: What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been

MDPLAYBOOK Toronto Livestream: Gregg Homer, Strōma Medical Chairman and Chief Science Officer, describes his remarkable journey in this free livestream from Medical Device Playbook Toronto.

“A psychologist once remarked that people who change careers prefer to build upon the skills of their previous career. The reason, however, is not one of efficiency. It’s that we do not want to feel that we’ve wasted our time. I ignored this advice and lived to tell about it, and I would like to share my observations.”

Scott Phillips, Medical Device Playbook and StarFish Medical Founder hosts and moderates live audience Q&A with presenters.

Average audience rating for Medical Device Playbook events: 9/10! “Honestly, I am very impressed with the caliber of guests and topics covered today. Keep up the good work.”

Recorded: October 6, 2022

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AI and Medical Devices – Finding the Sweet Spot

AI is coming to healthcare and will change medical devices and your plans. Are you ready? Two medtech entrepreneurs deeply entrenched in medical device AI share their insights in AI and Medical Devices – Finding the Sweet Spot.

Moshe Safran, CEO of RSIP Vision USA presents: Adding value to medical devices with AI – case studies from echocardiology and orthopedics. Dr. Phillip Alvelda, CEO & Chairman | Medio Labs + Brainworks presents: Novel Health-tech Applications Enabled by Artificial Intelligence. Scott Phillips, Medical Device Playbook and StarFish Medical Founder, hosts and moderates live audience Q&A with presenters.

#MDPLAYBOOK Audience rating for AI and Medical Devices: 8.9/10! “Excellent topic and presentation of the narratives and impact on human lives. Some really interesting technology, but more importantly connection of how technology can be used to help people.”

Recorded: June 28, 2022

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Bootstrapping to a $2 Billion Exit – The Baylis Medical Story

Frank Baylis and Kris Shah share their remarkable journey transforming and bootstrapping Baylis Medical Company to a $2 Billion exit and acquisition by Boston Scientific in October 2021. View Webinar recording beginning June 1, 2022.

– Secret to Long Partnerships
– Bootstrapping from 2 to 1000+ Employees
– From Distributor to Manufacturer
– Managing Mistakes
– Adding a Board
– Increasing Exit Value
– Seeking an Exit

Average audience rating for Medical Device Playbook events: 9/10! “Frank and Kris, the conversation that Scott led with you both is enormous value for the young entrepreneurs. Thanks for the opportunity to listen in.”

Recorded: May 25, 2022

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Connectivity Strategies for Medical Devices

Amol Karnick, Laurent Pelissier and Russell Haley discuss connectivity strategies for medical devices sharing entrepreneurial journeys, insights and lessons learned. Audience feedback: “Awesome work with these webinars- world class content and presenters- keep it up.” #MDPLAYBOOK March 24, 2022. View Webinar recording.


Recorded: March 24, 2022

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Secrets of Attracting Angel Investment

February 23 Medical Device Playbook Webinar with Paul Russo, CEO at Kyto Technology and Life Science Inc., Mary Jo Potter CEO & Managing Director at Healthcare Angels, and Robert Hess, Angel Investor and Patent Attorney.

Participants will learn:
• When to engage with angel investors
• What’s unique about investor decks
• Why entrepreneurs should start with the exit
• Five things all successful fundraisers do
• Today’s start-up realities – are there bubbles in start-ups, angels, angel groups, entrepreneurs, capital?
• How Entrepreneurs view their own start-up!
• How angel investors view start-ups seeking funding.
• What medtech angel investors like – and fear!  Why investors love deep science start-ups – and a real example.

Scott Phillips, Medical Device Playbook and StarFish Medical Founder, hosts and moderates live audience Q&A with presenters.


Recorded: February 23, 2022

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What Large Medtech Companies Seek in Acquisition Targets

Targeting an exit? Rakesh (Rick) Sethi, Hons BSc, BEng, Director of Open Innovation | R&D at Medtronic shares insights to help avoid surprises during due diligence, prioritize activities and investment, and exit with higher value and better terms.

Rakesh (Rick) Sethi has been in the Medical Device Industry for 20+ years, launched over 30+ products, holds 20+ issued patents, and written 8 publications. With 4 companies that have been acquired and involvement in 4 acquisitions, Mr. Sethi has led and managed global teams across 7 countries.

Scott Phillips, Medical Device Playbook and StarFish Medical Founder, hosts and moderates live audience Q&A with presenters.

Average audience rating for this event: 9.25/10! “This was hands down the most informative webinar I attended. Rick’s content and answers during Q&A were top notch, and Scott’s moderation superb. Well done.”

Recorded: January 26, 2022

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Bringing New Technologies to Medtech


Dr. Bill Hunter and Dr. Cambre Kelly share their journeys bringing new technologies to medtech. They will cover:

– Challenges
– Value Proposition Considerations
– Current Work and Journeys
– Lessons Learned
– Opportunities

Dr. Hunter is a lifelong inventor with over 200 patents and patent applications. He was involved in the discovery and development of the TAXUS® Coronary Drug-Eluting Stent, the Zilver PTX® Peripheral Drug-Eluting Stent, paclitaxel-eluting balloons, and the Quill® barbed wound closure device; products used in over 40M patients and revenues of over $25B.

Dr. Kelly is an inventor on numerous patents and has commercialized multiple medical device products which have impacted thousands of patients. As a co-founder of and Vice President of Research and Technology at restor3d, she leads all research and advanced development projects.

Scott Phillips, Medical Device Playbook and StarFish Medical Founder hosts and moderates live audience Q&A with presenters. #MDPLAYBOOK

Recorded: October 21, 2021

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From Medical Device Start-up to IPO

View recording of From Medical Device Start-up to IPO live webinar event.

Francois Michelon, CEO, ENDRA Life Sciences, and Steven Plymale, Former CEO, MyndTec and Profound Medical, discuss lessons learned from taking their medical device companies public. 9.35/10 rating from webinar attendees

Francois Michelon has raised over $55M in capital at ENDRA, including a successful Nasdaq IPO, grown the IP portfolio 4X (85 assets).

Steven Plymale took Profound Medical from a small startup in 2011 through commercial launch in Europe and in June of 2015 led the company through a public transaction with a listing on the Toronto Venture Stock Exchange.

Attendee quote: “All the presentations were very ‘inspirational’ and obviously highly successful and amazing presenters. Bravo!”  #MDPLAYBOOK

Recorded: September 23, 2021

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How to Predict Dx Device Success

View recording of live event. Mickey Urdea and Rich Thayer share results of study classifying 28 companies as “Successes,” “Failures” and “Zombies”. Joris van der Heijden discusses case studies from building out client devices in microfluidics, microbiology and regenerative medicine. Audience rating: “9.2/10”

  • Key indicators of success or failure as companies drive concepts toward commercialization
  • 13 common characteristics of success and failure
  • Stories behind the numbers
  • Deadly sins of product development

Lynne Lowry, StarFish Medical SVP of Business Development, hosts and Scott Phillips, Medical Device Playbook and StarFish Medical Founder, moderates live audience Q&A with presenters.


Recorded: June 22, 2021

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Optimizing Medical Optics Success

View recording of live event. Optics Experts and Entrepreneurs discuss lessons learned from Optic Medical Device commercialization projects, successes, adventures. Audience rating: “9/10”

  • Darren Kraemer, Founder & CEO at Light Matter Interaction: Reflections on the Cutting Edge
  • Len Zheleznyak, Vice President of Vision Science at Clerio Vision: What to pack and what to leave behind
  • Brian King, Principal Optical Systems Engineer, StarFish Medical: Turning photons into clinical therapies.

Scott Phillips hosts and moderates live audience Q&A with presenters.


Recorded: May 27, 2021

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Balancing Human Factors Discovery and Compliance

View Recording of live, 90-minute webinar: “9/10” Audience rating. Human Factors, ID, and Usability often drive more adoption of a medical device than the underlying technology.

Human factor experts, Virginia Lang, Bryant Foster, Niall Redmond and Paul Charlebois, present lessons learned, discuss trade-offs, and share case studies that illustrate possible pitfalls and useful tips for achieving an optimal balance between HF and regulatory compliance.

Scott Phillips moderates an illuminating session that will inform your medical device commercialization.

Recorded: May 11, 2021

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Stan Lapidus: Inventor & Entrepreneur

Recording of 60-minute live interview with Stan Lapidus, founding CEO of three medical diagnostics companies. Two of them, Cytyc Corp., and EXACT Sciences have been among the most successful diagnostics startups of all time. Medical Device Playbook Event Webinar. #MDPLAYBOOK

Recorded: March 31, 2021

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Creating a Successful Academic Spin-Out

Audience rating: 9/10! “Honestly, I am very impressed with the caliber of guests and topics covered today. Keep up the good work.”

Recording of live, 90-minute event featuring 3 distinguished academics / entrepreneurs discussing their Academic Spin-Out successes, adventures and insights.Creating a Successful Academic Spin-Out: Lori Arakaki, Bill Walker, and Dr. Magdy Younes join Scott Phillips and share their journeys and insights from spinning out multiple university research projects into successful medical device companies. 90-minute free webinar. #medtech #entrepreneurtips #MDPLAYBOOK

Recorded: February 26, 2021

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Turn Life Experience Into Successful Medical Device Start-Ups

“Fantastic presenters and very informative. Thank you.” -Attendee Feedback.  Lessons Learned from Paul Lovoi and Derek Herrera, remarkable and very different serial entrepreneurs who have created multiple medical device start-ups using and leveraging life experiences. Combined funding of 10+ companies and raising over $900 Million in capital! Free 90-minute webinar #MDPLAYBOOK #medtech #entrepreneuradvice

Recorded: January 28, 2021

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When Time is Paramount in Medical Device Development

“Both speakers today were really good. I liked the discussions of how the industry works with detailed real-world examples.” – Audience Feedback

Inspired by a COVID-19 ventilator project condensing 3 years into 3 months for Medical Device Development, experts examine case studies where shortened time to market delivered medical device success without sacrificing quality.

Kevin Walsh and John Walmsley share case studies involving:

  • Right-sizing startup / small companiy development timing
  • Design for Supply Chain (DSC) to generate speed: How to optimize cost and speed at the same time
  • Biggest source of FDA warning letters: Areas that most often impact quality when speeding development
  • How to avoid delays during manufacturing transfer

Recorded: December 11, 2020

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The True Cost of Developing a Medical Device

“Your selections have been top notch. All the speakers were excellent. ” – Audience Feedback

Learn how to better estimate your medical device development costs from experts in venture capital, serial medical device entrepreneurship, and medtech design and development engineering. The True Cost of Developing a Medical Device webinar features venture capitalist, Peter Van der Velden, Serial Medtech entrepreneur, Ramgopal Rao, and Medical Device Program Design Director, Mark Drlik.

Recorded: October 27, 2020

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Amr Salahieh shares the Shifamed Story

9/10 Rating! – Post webinar attendee survey

Amr Salahieh shares the Shifamed Story in a 45-minute live interview with Scott Phillips, Founder of Medical Device Playbook. Creating the Most Active Medical Device Innovation Hub in the World: Amr Salahieh and Shifamed live webinar took place on Friday, September 18th, 2020.

Recorded: September 18, 2020

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Microfluidics – New Opportunities and Challenges

“All speakers gave a very interesting prospective on the topic.” “I loved the discussion.” -Audience Feedback

Free Microfluidics Webinar: Gain insights and data on New Opportunities and Challenges for Microfluidics in medical device systems. Experts in microfluidics and medical device research, technology, development, and commercialization share experiences and learnings from successes and ongoing projects.

Speakers for the event include: Kevin Hrusovsky President, Chairman & CEO – Quanterix; Stevan Jovanovich, Ph.D. Founder, President & CEO – S2 Genomics, Inc.; Dr. Ali Tinazli Chief Commercial Officer – Fluxergy; Shana Kelley Distinguished Professor, University of Toronto; and Lorenzo Gutierrez, Ph.D., PMP Microfluidic Application and Integration Lead – StarFish Medical.

Recorded: September 2, 2020

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How COVID-19 is Changing Medical Device Commercialization

“Thank you guys put together this great webinar.”

“Great job today”

“This webinar was such an informative session from both market standpoint and from medical device technical consideration standpoint.”

9/10 Rating -Post event

Gain insights and data on how COVID-19 is changing medical device commercialization. Experts in medical device development, regulatory affairs and venture capital investment share experiences and learnings from ongoing commercialization projects.

Recorded: July 24, 2020

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