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Most viewed 2014 Medical Device Development videos

Top-loading cassette mechanisms (such as the one on this VHS model) were common on early domestic VCRs. Courtesy Wikimedia.orgThis is our first blog devoted to videos.  We added a lot of new medical device development videos in the past 18 months and viewing is up 38% over 2013.  Some videos illustrate blog points, others feature clients, and many include employees talking about their work.
Here are our most viewed Medical Device Development videos of 2014.   Like our top 2014 StarFish Medical blogs, viewers can’t get enough quality and regulatory information.  They are also partial to testimonials, careers, and business basics.

1. Careers with StarFish  What’s it like to work as part of the StarFish Medical engineering team? Hear our employees share their thoughts on what makes StarFish Medical culture special.

2. Surfing the Silver Tsunami   TEDx talk on the medical device opportunities and implications of the aging baby boomer population.  StarFish Medical President and Founder, Scott Phillips, shares examples from his work with entrepreneurs in the health and technology industry.

3. How StarFish Helped Raise $50 Million: Home Dialysis Plus  Portland, Oregon’s Home Dialysis Plus president Michael Baker explains how a close relationship with StarFish Medical assisted his company in raising $50 million in funding for their medical device: “StarFish is skilled in design all the way from pilot production to manufacturing of medical devices”, says Baker. “I cannot recommend StarFish any higher.”  Initially, Home Dialysis Plus partnered with StarFish Medical to speed up the development of the Oregon company’s innovative home hemodialysis machine. In 2012 private equity firm Warburg Pincus confirmed it would put as much as $50 million into the company, that suggested HD Plus’ portable kidney dialysis machine and new medical device technology had some solid prospects.

4. Medical Device Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs StarFish Medical specializes in Medical Device Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs. Founder and President Scott Phillips and Director of QA/RA, Vesna Janic join StarFish Medical team members to discuss the experience, process, quality and innovation they bring to Medical Device entrepreneurs and organizations requiring QA/RA and QMS-in-a-Box assistance.

5. Technology Commercialization StarFish Medical specializes in Medical Device Technology Commercialization.  Founder and President Scott Phillips and StarFish Medical team members discuss the range and breadth of experience, process, quality and innovation they bring to entrepreneurs and universities seeking to turn concepts into approved medical devices.

6. David Christie on developing medical devices with StarFish Medical David Christie, president, Christie Consulting Services, on collaborating with StarFish Medical: “I would recommend StarFish to anybody in the medical device industry who needs a strong development partner. StarFish has the knowledge and expertise to get the job done. StarFish was able to provide included an assessment of our intellectual property position StarFish has a broad and deep knowledge of the medical device industry, whether it’s regulatory affairs, quality assurance, product development, intellectual property, industrial design or even just pure inventiveness.”

7. Boreal: StarFish helped us grow a into a company with real products StarFish Medical assembled a team comprised of Mechanical Engineers, Industrial Designers and an Engineering Physicist who combined their skills to transform Boreal’s proof of concept device DNA separation device into an operable, marketable alpha prototype, within a 3-month timeframe. Boreal Genomics was able to demonstrate their device at a key conference in their sector which generated significant attention and ultimately resulted in additional capital both from grants and investment to expand their business.

8. Vesna Janic, Director of QA/RA, explains what makes StarFish Medical QA unique. Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs are crucial elements of commercializing medical devices.  Meet the head of StarFish Medical’s QA/RA.  You’ll quickly discover what makes our team and approach unique and successful.

9. In-Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) Device   StarFish Medical specializes in Medical Device Technology Commercialization. Founder and President Scott Phillips and StarFish Medical team members discuss the range and breadth of experience, process, quality and innovation they bring to In-Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) Device entrepreneurs and organizations seeking to turn concepts into approved IVD medical devices.

10. Understanding the Root Problem — Medical Device Basics Scott Phillips, President of StarFish Medical, presents Understanding the Root Problem, Part 3 of a series of videos on Medical Device Basics. Scott includes examples from clients and colleagues to illustrate how Understanding the Root Problem can improve the design, cost, usability, and acceptance of your innovation to make or break your Medical Device success.

We’re looking forward to making new videos on a wide range of topics in 2015.  We’d love to hear your ideas for subjects and speakers.

Lead image: Courtesy of Wikimedia.org

Mike Camplin is Director of Marketing at StarFish Medical. He reads every StarFish Medical blog  and watches every video multiple times before they hit our website, but he leaves content creation to our Medical Device experts.

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