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Medtech entrepreneur journey: emergency medicine physician, and Founder and CEO

medtech entrepreneur Joe Burkett and StarFish team

Author with StarFish team during clinical observation.

I am an emergency medicine physician, and Founder and CEO of Vaid Medical Devices.
Starfish is working with us on a project to make IV access easier for patients and providers.

I had started the process as a lone physician with a small company, and an idea to solve a specific problem. But entering the world of medical devices was unchartered territory for me. So I did my homework searching for long period of time to find a good match to help with this project, attending numerous conferences, doing extensive research on and interviewing various companies in this space. I ultimately chose Starfish because of the completeness of their services, their transparency, and their technical expertise.

Having worked with them for some time now, I couldn’t be happier with their services. One of the most important things they have done is helped us anticipate and mitigate risk. They have identified multiple regulatory and compliance issues that might have otherwise caused some serious hang-ups in the project process. This aspect of their services will save us money and make the project much more likely to succeed.

Starfish has also added a lot value by their technical expertise. The device we are working on is multifaceted, and the variety and breadth of knowledge of their employees, as well and the gritty depth of knowledge in these technical fields has been essential to our success.

Last, but most importantly, the attitude of Starfish employees has added significantly to the project’s success. Their employees are not just going through the motions. They have been passionate about the project and added novel solutions to unforeseen or unaddressed problems. Their creative ingenuity has pushed the process forward, while making it very easy and very comfortable to work with, creating a lot of trust in our business relationship.

Speaking specifically to individual physicians or health care providers, I would encourage you to bring your ideas to Starfish first. It’s much more difficult than most anyone would realize to take a novel solution to a problem from the drawing board to the bedside. And there are lots of incomplete and somewhat predatory companies out there, claiming to help medical device startups. But based on my experience working with them on multiple projects, I am very confident that Starfish can help successfully navigate the complexities of scientific or regulatory challenges, while providing best in class transparency and integrity, to bring medical devices to life.

To summarize Starfish in one word; I would have to use the word “Ideal.”

Image: StarFish Medical

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  1. Seymour M Settler says:

    Wonderful that you found StarFish. to help you.

    Best of luck to you

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