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Astero StarFish

Unpacking the Potential of 6 Medtech Trends

“AI seems to be a thing. Everybody’s excited about ChatGPT.” Asking ChatGPT to list current medical device trends as preparation for our monthly content meeting has turned into our latest group blog. Not surprisingly, the StarFish team identified the same trends proposed by ChatGPT- and more – with six of the most interesting trends making […]

Christian Fleischhacker

June 28: AI and Medical Devices – Finding the Sweet Spot

  AI is coming to healthcare and will change medical devices and your plans. Are you ready? Victoria BC (June 10, 2022) StarFish Medical announces Moshe Safran and Dr. Phillip Alvelda, two medtech entrepreneurs deeply entrenched in medical device AI, share their insights in AI and Medical Devices – Finding the Sweet Spot in a […]

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