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Christian Fleischhacker

University of Victoria Capstone Design: Nick Allan Guest Lectures on Project Management

  Nick Allan, StarFish Medical Bio Services Manager, will present a guest lecture on “Project Management: Lessons and Examples from Industry” to 4th year capstone design courses ECE and BME499 at the University of Victoria on June 22, 2022. The University of Victoria is ranked #1 among comprehensive universities in medical/science grants per faculty (Maclean’s […]

David Felix

3 ways to leverage talent in medtech development  

I would like to take us all back to high school Biology for a moment to remember the concept of emergent properties. These properties only come out when individual parts start interacting with each other in any given system. Take common salt for example. The fact that it tastes salty does not mean that the sodium and chlorine which make up salt also taste salty. Saltiness […]

Andrew Morton

Think ABCD for medtech project management of innovation

At StarFish Medical, we work with clients who have ground-breaking ideas and technologies that improve patient outcomes including saving lives.  This makes for very exciting and fulfilling work, but new development also means there is no boilerplate plan that can be pulled off the shelf and executed. Our project management approach builds on PMI (Project […]

Martine Janicki

How a Project Management Office (PMO) Helps Effective Medical Device Development

The term “PMO” (Project Management Office) appears ever more frequently in engineering firms, but is still not well understood. So what is a PMO, how do they impact medical device development, and what does the PMO look like at StarFish? In other words, why bother? For organizations that do not use a PMO, there are […]

Martine Janicki

Teamwork in Medical Device Development

What makes a project successful or not? A seasoned project manager, charismatic leader, low risk technology, spin on existing proven technology or the right discipline resource mix? Well, maybe it’s all of those and a bit of chance, but it’s most importantly the right attitude. Let me elaborate. In my last blog, I covered the […]

Scott Phillips

Can Innovators Implement?

Are you expecting your engineers to cover both innovation and execution tasks?  Are you in fact leaving a lot of potential success on the table? I used to believe that a single point of accountability from beginning to end of a project was ideal.  My confidence was shaken however after seeing projects that either failed […]

Boyd Allin

Staged Medical Device Development

Developing a complex medical device spans a significant period of time and a significant expertise spectrum. Early ideation and technology development through transfer to volume manufacturing covers a tremendous range of skill sets. Staged product development as employed by StarFish has some unique benefits for dealing with the changing skill sets required throughout the development […]

Martine Janicki

Winning Project Management Practices for Medical Device Development

In my last blog, I talked about risk management, extreme risk management from the device perspective, manufacturing perspective and project management perspective. Through the risk planning, risk engagement itself and mitigation implementation, I have learned that it is very important to communicate to team members, project owner and any other important stakeholders. Managing the expectations […]

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