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What are your summer plans?

summer plans

StarFish Employees share their favorite activities

To celebrate the summer solstice, StarFish employees shared their summer plans and favorite warm weather activities. Spoiler alert:  There’s definitely a theme in this place…

Every year we rent a cabin up north of Courtney and we hang out on the beach. Now we go for two weeks. It’s great. So when the tide is up, we play in the water. When it’s out, we play in the sand.

We haven’t worked out all the details but we hope to get either up island or to the interior for a week’s break.

A couple of my friends just climbed The Chief last weekend. So I need to do that now too. The Chief is a wall in Squamish.

No big plans here, but I’ll be spending time at the cottage, cycling, and practicing/performing with the band I play in.

I will be going to a music festival in Vancouver. Besides that, I’m here all summer.

We have a road trip to Calgary planned. Two weeks camping along the way.

I’ll be spending a week hiking and canoeing in Bowron Lake. It’s like kind of in the middle of nowhere. It’s close to Barkerville BC.

Hiking three Washington State mountains. Mount Baker, Mount Olympus, and Mount Rainier.

And now for something completely different.

My big summer plan is…planning my wedding! I will be getting married this summer in July!! After 14 years I will finally tie the knot.

Moving into a new home. That’s the big plan for this summer.

My big summer plan is to get my American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS) certificate.

We have a week at Whistler in our timeshare. We just go there and do stuff. And then a week up island camping.

Train for a hike up to Mt. Kilimanjaro.  Followed by comments from co-workers: You’re not going to run?  Are you doing the twin peaks? I hate going after John.

summer plansWe’ll be checking out the new Alpine Club of Canada hut on 50 40.  The mountain’s name is called 50 40 near Port Albany.

Ed and I are going to three different Pride events this summer. Where? Vancouver, Seattle, and Victoria.

My youngest is playing cymbals in the Pride event in Victoria.   But that’s the start of the summer. This summer a couple of things – one is getting my teenagers having a productive summer. I do not even finish school term first which is today. We look to get to our place on Hornby Island for some of the time and we also have two weeks in Europe. So I’m in Amsterdam, Paris, and Bruges.

We’re camping at China Beach.

My big summer plan is to explore even more of Ontario than I already have, which is “Yours to Discover.”

We are doing our annual five thousand kilometre road trip to Saskatchewan to celebrate my mom’s family’s fiftieth reunion. So they’ve been together every year for 50 years and ten years ago they finally bought the property on the Lake. It’s 2000 kilometres away so we keep moving further away from it.  But it means that we get to see a whole lot of people on the way there and on the way back. And we get to see the Rocky Mountains, the coast mountains, some of the interior and Kootenays.


Camping at Fintry Provincial Park in Okanagan near Kelowna Lake.  Followed by visiting friends in Penticton who have a really nice house. Fishing and taking a shower.

Wherever your summer plans take you, we wish all of our readers, employees, and industry colleagues a happy healthy, and totally fun summer ahead.

Go on.  Make us jealous.  Share your plans in the comment section below.

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