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What Will You Do First When COVID is Under Control?

When COVID is Under Control
Summer is (almost) officially here. Vaccinations are up and lock downs are loosening as regions reach herd immunity levels. We’ve been working remotely for over a year, so it seemed like a good time to test StarFish culture. Yes, there is a consensus. Read on and see if you agree with our employee choices for their first activities when COVID is under control and COVID restrictions are lifted.


First thing I will do? “I will hug tight my family and friends!” – Lorenzo G

I’m with you, Lorenzo! The first thing I will do is hug my loved ones! There is so much I want to do but that easily tops my list! – Sarah W

Go to the movies.  – Vanessa F

I’m not much of a hugger, but I can’t wait to start playing tabletop games with my friends again! 😉  – Andrei


When COVID is under control? Travel – to familiar places so I can hug people! 🙂 Travel to new places to make new friends. – Jess H

I want to go to Maui. I missed the trip by a week when COVID shut the border. I still have my flight voucher, so I’ve got to use it soon. I am going to eat fresh fish, walk the beach, and leave my kids behind, so I can enjoy it. – Sandy

After my family comes to visit for Thanksgiving, I will be jetting off to Hawaii for a long break. As long as everything goes well, I should be able to do both. I’ve got my flight booked and my fingers crossed! – Kathy Y

I’m looking forward to the US border opening up and eventually being able to travel in the States as well. – Christian

I’d like to see the US-Canadian border seamlessly open and get rid of the quarantining so I can come back and forth at ease. – Lynne

I am particularly looking forward to going to Toronto, California and Seattle to go do some relationship building and deal making. Just get out there and make it happen.  – Scott P


When all restrictions are lifted I cannot wait to travel and attend a sporting event with lots of people I’ve never met before. – Mike R

Finally play ice hockey again! – Nick O

It’s nice to see some of the Toronto folks come out here and vice versa. Some folks have started and never got a chance to visit us. It will be fun to see colleagues. And I’m looking forward to getting back into playing hockey. I also miss the Canucks games, but I do that pretty rarely. I’m more excited about actually playing. I don’t think the Canucks will let me play, but we’ll see. Depends on how Covid impacts their team. – Nigel


When COVID is under control? I want to go see a live band, I want some live music. Any kind of music. – Glen  

I’m looking forward to playing and recording music with people in person. We tried doing some recording remotely. It’s hard to keep people on track to actually submit their tracks. I play various instruments, mostly bass and drums. The group I play with most often right now does covers of rock songs mostly. – Ryan F

Ryan beat me to the punch there, but yes, we are frantically trying to get some stuff together so that we can get out and play just as soon as they let us. – Kenneth

We can have the Starfish House Band. Yeah, that’s pretty cool. We’ll have two house bands, one in Toronto and one in Victoria. And there’s a section on each side. That’s what I heard, too. – Scott

In-person school / work

I am excited for in-person lectures. I’m excited to go back to campus. – Chantaille

Lots of things

When COVID is under control? I’m really looking forward to some quiet time at home with a book or maybe a movie marathon. NOT! Professionally: see the office and meet a co-worker (any co-worker) for the first time : )  Personally: hopefully, travelling to the US to Umpire the Youth World Match Racing Championship sailboat race. – David P

I want to meet with friends that I have not seen for a long time. I want to catch up with every live concert in town and in Vancouver. I want to go back to the dance temple. I want to go out regularly. I want to see people on the streets. I want to see people in the office. Should I stop now? – Vesna

I don’t think this thing is getting to Vesna at all. – Nigel

No, not at all. – Vesna

When COVID is Under Control?

We hope you enjoyed this slice of StarFish culture. We’d love to hear about your plans. Send us a comment. If you felt a bit of bonding and are interested in a career in medical device development, then check out our career openings. You’ll have plenty of company for Music, Hockey, Music, Travel, and in-person Hugging.

Astero StarFish is the attributed author of StarFish Medical team blogs.  We value teamwork and collaborate on all of our medical device development projects.

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