Douglas Magazine: The Story of First Light Technologies’ Improved Business Strategy

Douglas Magazine: The Story of First Light Technologies' Improved Business Strategy

Business strategy advice from StarFish Medical CEO, Scott Phillips, is featured in the March 28 2018 issue of Douglas Magazine article: The Story of First Light Technologies’ Improved Business Strategy.

“Across North America, thousands of parks, parking lots, playgrounds and Pathways feature solar lights from First Light Technologies. Douglas explores this fast-growing firm’s steep learning curve, and how an improved strategy and process have helped it push back the darkness.”

Taking the time to find the right people is just one of many tips Bourquin and Taverna have picked up from Scott Phillips, CEO of Starfish Medical. No stranger to strategic struggle himself, Phillips is now widely regarded as a sage in the area of leadership. But the learning was hard-won for Phillips, too: Starfish hit the skids 12 years ago, hemorrhaging cash and morale, and needed a massive recalibration of vision and management to get it back on track.

Phillips did the work and now is more than happy to show others how it’s done. He admires Bourquin and Taverna for their deep experience within the field of solar LED lighting, as well as their razor-sharp focus on only certain products.

“They’re being very targeted with their market, which is super important,” he says. “That’s a mistake a lot of people make, is to be undisciplined. They’re very specific with what they do. They’re not trying to say, ‘We’re the solution to everything solar that everyone will ever need.’”


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