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MDDI: Choosing the Right Medtech Product Development Consultancy

August 31, 2023

Product Development Consultancy Medtech

The August 31, 2023 online edition of Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry (MDDI) features Choosing the Right Medtech Product Development Consultancy by David Dobson, Vice President, Business Development at StarFish Medical. Dobson explains that explores areas and ideas that should be added to a partner qualification tool kit.

Several criteria are often used by medical device startups or OEMs to find an outside product development consultancy. According to Dobson, “Expertise, experience, quality of answers, and work are the big ones. Everything else should take a back seat to these requirements.” From here on, Dobson shares insights into areas such as price, communications, and cultural fit and more that should be considered when choosing a medtech product development consultancy.

He concludes, “it will take lots of hands-on work and a fair evaluation of not only potential development partner capabilities, but an honest appraisal of what is most important to your company (both for startups and mature businesses) and how that translates into your selection criteria and structure of an agreement with a product development consultancy.”

About StarFish Medical

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StarFish Medical is an award-winning, full-service Medical Device Design company offering design, development, and NPI manufacturing services based in Toronto and Victoria BC. Our Pathfinder™ process reduces wasted effort and increases success for medical device product definition, technical engineering, and product development. Prototype and volume production are delivered within an ISO 13485 certified Quality Management System, manufacturing and clean room facilities.

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