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MD+DI: Is Your Ultrasound R&D Team Exposed to Harm?

March 19, 2020

Is Your Ultrasound R&D Team Exposed to Harm


VICTORIA, British Columbia March 19, 2020 –  Is Your Ultrasound R&D Team Exposed to Harm? written by StarFish Medical Mechanical Engineering Team Lead, Nigel Syrotuck, is featured in the March 19, 2020 online edition of MD+DI & QMED magazine.

Sub-headed “A guide to practicing safe sounds,” the article notes “ultrasound machines do technically “invade” the body with sound waves, which can present health hazards. This can be especially noteworthy to ultrasound developers who are working with prototype equipment that may have fewer safety measures and may be capable of emitting more energy than commercial diagnostic ultrasounds.”

Syrotuck provides a brief background on ultrasound physics, then clarifies “What Engineers Need to Know about the Dangers of Sound?” After reviewing mechanical and thermal considerations, he offers  his Top Tips for Ultrasound Safety for Devices Under Development. He concludes “Overall, it’s well worth the small amount of time needed to assess your device to protect yourself and your staff from risk. Hopefully this article can make that process even faster.”

About Nigel Syrotuck

Nigel Syrotuck is mechanical engineering team lead for StarFish Medical, where he regularly contributes insights and expertise to the weekly Blogarithmic employee blog.  Nigel is also a prolific contributor to industry media, including MD+DI & QMED. His background includes a diverse project development portfolio including sustainable power solutions, assisted living devices, and nano-satellite design.

About MD+DI  & QMED

Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry (MD+DI) is the primary resource for manufacturers of medical devices and in vitro diagnostic products. Its mission is to help medtech industry professionals develop, design, and manufacture products that comply with complex and demanding regulations and evolving market requirements. Housed on the MD+DI site, Qmed is the world’s only directory of pre-qualified suppliers and service providers to the medical device and diagnostics industry.

About StarFish Medical
StarFish Medical is a full service Medical Device Design company offering design, development, and manufacturing services based in Toronto and Victoria. We use our Pathfinder™ process to reduce wasted effort and increase success for medical device product definition, technical engineering, and product development. Prototype and volume production are delivered within an ISO 13485 certified Quality Management System and an FDA registered manufacturing and clean room facility.

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