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MPO: Medical Device Commercialization: It’s What, Not When, to Transfer to Manufacturing

August 23, 2023

Medical Device Commercialization Manufacturing Transfer

The August 23, 2023 online issue of Medical Product Outsourcing (MPO) features online exclusive, Medical Device Commercialization: It’s What, Not When, to Transfer to Manufacturing, written by Dana Trousil, StarFish Mechanical Engineering Team Manager. Trousil highlights the importance of focusing on a device’s capabilities and market alignment for effective commercialization, rather than just the timing of manufacturing transfer.

“There are the fine details of transferring, of course, but the key question is not so much when you should transfer, but what you should transfer,” according to Trousil. By discussing aspects of the medical device commercialization process such as adding value, gaining market knowledge and ultimately determining manufacturing volume, he emphasizes that it’s important that — regardless of which path is initiated for manufacturing transfer — to have a plan for the future.

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