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MTI: Integrating Games into Medical Devices To Improve Patient Outcomes

February 13, 2023

Medical Devices Integrating Games

The February 13, 2023 online edition of MedTech Intelligence features Integrating Games into Medical Devices To Improve Patient Outcomes written by Lorenzo Gutierrez, StarFish Medical Microfluidics Manager.

“Digital games are a part of modern life. Looking at the popularity of computer games, it is easy to imagine that integrating games into a medical device could increase its adoption and use. Gamification could potentially help in the diagnosis, treatment, speedy recovery, and rehabilitation of patients.”

Gutierrez suggests with regard to integrating games into medical devices: “Creating a game-like experience can change patient perception of medical devices from boring or scary to engaging and attractive.” Therefore, he covers ways to integrate gaming features into your medical devices, why games are so enticing and how they impact human behavior.

He concludes, “There are many potential advantages and possibilities for the integration of games into medical devices. No. 1 being that gamified medical devices could make patients feel happier, more engaged with their treatment and motivate them to stick with their treatments, facilitating a speedier recovery.”

Lorenzo Gutierrez is the StarFish Medical Microfluidics Manager. Lorenzo has extensive experience translating point of care assays to microfluidic cartridges. His microfluidics portfolio includes developing a polyvalence instrument for early infant diagnostics at Chipcare.

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