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MPO: 5 High-Impact Applications for Microfluidic Diagnostic Devices

February 26, 2020

5 High-Impact Applications for Microfluidic Diagnostic Devices


5 High-Impact Applications for Microfluidic Diagnostic Devices by Lorenzo Gutierrez, Ph.D., StarFish Medical Microfluidic Manager, is featured as an online exclusive in the February 26, 2020, edition of Medical Device Outsourcing (MPO).

“Inside the microfluidic lab-on-chip (LoC) are channels of different sizes, reservoirs, reagents, pumps and valves, sensors, and detection mechanisms to read the output of the reactions. A LoC can be made by molded plastics or laminates, and produced in large quantities. This enables low-cost diagnostic testing with high-throughput, clinically acceptable results in 15-20 minutes.” explains Gutierrez.

In the article GUiterrez makes a case for his top five high-impact applications for microfluidic diagnostic devices with a description of current activities and my rationale for their selection.

He concludes the article with this positive prediction, “In addition to my top five high impact applications for microfluidic diagnostic devices, there are many other very important microfluidic applications out there. Hundreds of research projects and clinical tests are currently being done. Once tests for autoimmune, cancer, cardiovascular, and sexually transmitted diseases are developed and proven to be safe and effective, diagnostics for such diseases will become cost-effective and readily available to patients not only in North America but also in resource-limited countries worldwide.”

Lorenzo Gutierrez has over 30 years of product development experience in semiconductor, consumer electronics, and medical devices.  His microfluidic applications include cell-based, immuno and molecular assays. Lorenzo specializes in overall system design, hardware engineering, integration, and translation of assay workflow to consumable cartridges. At StarFish Medical, Lorenzo manages the microfluidic cartridge development team and serves as interim site director in Toronto.


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