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MPO: Microfluidics and Tissue Engineering – A Novel Approach to Regenerative Medicine

February 24, 2023

Microfluidics Tissue Engineering Regenerative Medicine

The February 24, 2023 edition of Medical Product Outsourcing (MPO) features Microfluidics and Tissue Engineering – A Novel Approach to Regenerative Medicine by Khaled Youssef, Microfluidics Engineer at StarFish Medical. The online exclusive shares the potential of using microfluidic systems to construct scaffolds for tissue engineering in regenerative medicine.

“Advancements in the microfluidics field have helped to develop complex 3D scaffolds for regenerative medicine that can support long-term viable cell incorporation and function.” Youssef expands: “For even more complex 3D scaffolds, microfluidics combined with additive manufacturing has given birth to the field of 3D bioprinting that enables the creation of a controllable environment for reconstructing tissues and organs with great accuracy.”

Youssef describes different materials for microfluidic scaffolds and scaffold development techniques. He ultimately concludes: “Microfluidics combined with additive manufacturing allows creation of a 3D bioprinter for printing complex, multi-layered structures that can mimic the in-vivo characteristics of native tissue, further advancing the regenerative medicine field toward the ultimate goal of on-demand tissue-engineered replacement organs.”

Khaled Youssef is a microfluidics engineer at StarFish Medical, where he specializes in designing and developing microfluidic-based systems for life sciences applications. Khaled holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering and a diploma in Neuroscience from York University.

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