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MPO: Prototyping with DIN Rail

October 27, 2021

Medical Product Outsourcing features Prototyping with DIN Rail written by Kris Dolberg, Electrical Engineer, StarFish Medical, as an Online Exclusive in their October 27, 2021 online edition.

DIN rail assemblies can be a great option for one-off prototypes where changing requirements are expected: Dolberg summarizes the article, “If someone were to ask me for the three most important words of advice I could possibly give them when building anything, my answer would be ‘don’t cut corners.’ Many people fail to follow this advice when prototyping, and everything goes south. I discovered the joy of prototyping with DIN rail last year during a project with fast-changing requirements. DIN rail offered the flexibility I needed, while also allowing everything to be built in a robust and tidy way.”

Kris Dolberg is a StarFish Medical electrical engineer. He often writes on designing PCBs. Kris is a graduate of the University of Victoria, where he was part of the ECOSat team that won first place in the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge.

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