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MTI: Optical Detection Systems for Microfluidic Applications

November 29, 2021

Microfluidic Optical Detection Systems

The November 29, 2021 online edition of MedTech Intelligence features Optical Detection Systems for Microfluidic Applications written by StarFish Medical Microfluidic Manager, Lorenzo Gutierrez.

Gutierrez discusses simple optical designs and common imaging techniques used in microfluidic enabled platforms. He elaborates, “Sensors, usually optical detectors, are interfaced with a microfluidic cartridge for imaging or measuring a quantity of interest. With an optical detector, analytes can be characterized, quantified, classified (in case of cells and microparticles) and in some applications, sorted (such as in cell sorting).”

The article suggests key elements to consider when deciding which optical set-up to employ for a given microfluidic application. Gutierrez explains, “Appropriate optical detection systems are critical for the effective analysis of target analytes in a microfluidic format and the overall success of a microfluidic platform. There are three important elements in selecting the appropriate detection means for a particular assay, (1) knowing the details of the assay and target analytes, (2) translating the assay to microfluidic format, and (3) selecting the proper detection technology.”

Lorenzo Gutierrez is the StarFish Medical Microfluidics Manager. Lorenzo has extensive experience translating point of care assays to microfluidic cartridges. His microfluidics portfolio includes developing a polyvalence instrument for early infant diagnostics at Chipcare.


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