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ODT: How In Silico Simulations Can Slash Medical Device Development Risk

September 13, 2023

ODT In Silico Simulations Medical Device

The September 12, 2023 print and online issue of Orthopedic Design & Technology (ODT) features, How In Silico Simulations Can Slash Medical Device Development Risk, written by Muhammad Jamil, Ph.D., StarFish Computational Fluid Dynamics Engineer. Jamil discusses the use of in silico simulations in the development of medical devices to mitigate risks and improve efficiency

Jamil examines statistical data by Health Canada and the FDA on medical device incidents (MDI) and recall data to determine whether “it can be a useful tool to minimize risk throughout a product’s life cycle through multiple design iterations at fraction of the cost.” He then provides more detail on how in silico simulations can help improve and innovate the design process.
He ultimately concludes: “In silico simulations can form the basis of a robust development process, where different designs can be tested in short periods of time by predicting failure in advance, testing in extreme conditions, and designing bench experiments. Simulations can also be a tool to design and optimize clinical trials, greatly reducing time and costs.”

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