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StarFish Medical named “Team of the Year” at VIATeC awards night

June 3, 2009

VICTORIA, BC – StarFish Medical is proud to announce it has won the Team of the Year Award at the 2009 VIATeC Tech Awards night. This award recognizes an individual or a team in the Vancouver Island technology sector which has demonstrated outstanding initiative and service delivery, and has had a significant impact on the company for which they work.  The Vancouver Island technology sector presently has over 900 companies with 13,000 employees and over $1.7 billion in annual revenues.

For StarFish Medical, the winning team comprised Mechanical Engineers, Industrial Designers and an Engineering Physicist who combined their skills to transform a proof of concept device DNA separation device into an operable, marketable alpha prototype for their client, Boreal Genomics, within a 3-month timeframe.

Boreal Genomics was able to demonstrate their device at a key conference in their sector which generated significant attention and ultimately resulted in additional capital both from grants and investment to expand their business.

“In an incredibly short time, and very cost effectively, StarFish engineers helped us to develop an instrument that completely changed the way our company is perceived,” says Dr. Andre Marziali, the Chief Scientist at Boreal Genomics. “We will certainly work with Starfish again on our next instrument iteration, and can safely say that if our company is successful, they will have played a substantially enabling role.”

Scott Phillips, President of StarFish Medical, says, “I believe the success of the Boreal Genomics project reflects the quality and commitment of the team at StarFish and their ability to provide excellent results.”



About Boreal Genomics
Boreal Genomics is a biotechnology instrument research and development company which is a spin-off from University of British Columbia. Boreal Genomics?s instruments are based on SCODA: a novel, proprietary electrophoresis technology that selectively concentrates nucleic acids.  Read more about Boreal Genomics at

About StarFish Medical
For more than ten years, StarFish has provided practical and innovative solutions in all aspects of medical device design and manufacturing, from product definition and technical engineering to formal product development and volume production in a quality environment. StarFish, an ISO 13485 certified company, provides practical turnkey to medical device companies all over North America.  The company’s cross-functional team offers expertise in engineering physics, electronics, software, firmware, mechanical engineering, industrial design and manufacturing transfer.  More information is available at StarFish Medical.

For more information contact:
Scott Phillips, President

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