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MDDI: Video Gaming and the Future of Medical Devices

November 19, 2021

Gaming and Medical Devices

MDDI Online features Video Gaming and the Future of Medical Devices written by Nigel Syrotuck, StarFish Medical Mechanical Engineering Team Lead, with contributions by Mike Loveless, StarFish Medical Industrial Designer, in the November 19, 2021 online edition.

Sub headed “As the gaming generation ages, gamifying medical devices could provide health benefits”, Syrotuck and Loveless assert that “gaming is no longer for nerds—more and more people apply their inherent (perhaps primal) need for competition and challenge to games on consoles, computers, and phones.”

The article explores areas including:

  • Video Games as Therapy
  • Video Games as Diagnostics
  • Gamification of Anything
  • Making the Invisible, Visible
  • The Dark Side

Syrotuck concludes, “As a medium for improving patient outcomes, video games offer a potential that has been known and studied for years. There is a very good chance that adding competitive elements (“gamifying”) to medical devices may considerably improve appeal, adoption, and outcomes for patients.”

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