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David Dobson

The Amazing Contrast Between Teams that Develop Medical Devices and those Who Create Consumer Electronic Products

Over the last several years, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work with a couple of very different types of product development organizations.  I’ve managed larger teams of designers and engineers engaged in the creation of Consumer Electronic (CE) products, and I’ve been a part of equally exciting companies dedicated to the development of highly […]

David Dobson

Prototyping and Its Relationship to Innovation in Medical Device Design

All products and services are eventually commoditized.  The only way to maintain leadership and profitability in a market is to innovate.  Innovation in and of itself is pointless unless it finds a useful and compelling application with a group of financially capable and willing end users. This being the case, innovation is the key element […]

David Dobson

Working as a Consultant with Different Business Cultures in Medical Device Development

A company’s culture is directly related to the number of individuals that have real input into the decision making process of the business.  Some large companies run like start-ups, complete with all the chaos, energy and confusion that normally accompanies small venture funded and owner-operated businesses.  The opposite can be true of many small businesses.  […]

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