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Dana Trousil

Prototyping medical devices on a budget

We prototype to learn, but also to communicate ideas and concepts.  While undoubtedly 3D printing is an exceedingly useful tool, there are a number of low fidelity prototyping methods that can help launch a successful product. As medical device developers, we are often faced with making design decisions under tight budgetary constraints.  Prototyping medical devices should […]

Dana Trousil

Tips and Techniques for Anodizing Medical Devices

Garbage In, Garbage out…    StarFish manufactures medical devices, and one of the coatings we see from time to time is anodizing.  Anodizing creates a durable coating that can be a great coating for medical device parts.  If aesthetics matter, it’s important not to think of anodizing in isolation, but also consider the inputs into anodizing.

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