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Joris van der Heijden

Modular Rapid Prototyping for Point of Care Diagnostics

The past five years have seen mainstream adoption of molecular and lateral flow point-of-care diagnostics. To combat the challenges caused by the pandemic, thousands of diagnostic products entered the market eventually paving the way for an accelerated development roadmap. Nowadays, entrepreneurs that want to develop lateral flow or molecular diagnostics can simply find a specialized […]

Joris van der Heijden

A Guide to Lean and Agile Medical Device Product Development

The success of development programs in the medical device and equipment industry almost always relies on hitting technical milestones that coincide with internal or external fundraising efforts. Especially early in the program, it is critical to hit technical milestones in a cost-sensitive and timely manner. This will eventually determine if a program has legs or […]

Joris van der Heijden

Developing a Diagnostic Product for Use Outside a Laboratory

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased diagnostic testing outside the confinement of the laboratory. The hope is to enable healthcare professionals to perform testing in places where it was previously unthinkable to sample patients and directly analyze test results. Such places now include your home, airports, or the workplace. These innovative solutions greatly reduce the time […]

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