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Nathan Müller

Medical Device Vibration Analysis and Testing Reduce Risk

The effect of vibration on medical devices can be understood through a combination of vibration analysis and testing. This blog discusses the medical devices most susceptible to vibration, basic theory and methods of vibration analysis, and the benefits of using modal analysis in the development of medical devices. Modal analysis, the most fundamental portion of […]

Nathan Müller

How to use computational modeling to validate thermoplastic properties in your medical device design

Predicting or validating thermoplastics’ properties is essential for effective design and optimization of thermoplastic parts and products in medical device products. Their non-linear material properties play a critical role in performance and behavior. During setup of computational modelling, these factors should be top of mind to predict and validate thermoplastics’ behaviour in the real-world implementation […]

Nathan Müller

3D Printed Parts Streamline Development Process

This blog provides a context for designers to streamline their development process using 3D printed parts as a part of their market-ready medical devices. 3D printing is disruptive. It challenges the way that designers consider product development. Contrasted with traditional fabrication methods, 3D printing offers several benefits along with certain limitations. Regulatory agencies are providing […]

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