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How to avoid influencing summative evaluations

Observations are an integral part of summative evaluations, the final validation that a device’s user interfaces are safe to use. During a summative evaluation, the manufacturer sets up a set of scenarios that capture all of the tasks that the device is expected to perform. The manufacturer creates environments that mimic the real use, capturing […]

Niall Redmond

Understanding the UOUP (User Interface of Unknown Provenance) section of IEC 62366 -1:2015

From a regulatory standpoint the differences between IEC 62366:2007 and IEC 62366 -1:2015 are minimal, with all the same boxes needing to be ticked. However, it is clear from reading the documentation that the whole process has been streamlined, using more familiar language and on the whole a more usable standard. Probably a good thing […]

Niall Redmond

Medical Device Branding is Storytelling

Branding is storytelling – even in medical device branding. Every product has a story, and like most good stories it is a summary of not how it grew, but how it overcame failure. Good Industrial Design tells the story of both the company and the product as one.

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