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Scott Phillips

Squeeze Insurance in Medical Device Development

 So you’re starting a new medical device company!  You’ve got technology, IP, a regulatory path, a reimbursement model, an unmet need, a sustainable competitive advantage, a compelling business case and some seed capital.  The future is exciting.  What else do you need? I’ll tell you what you need.  You need to own 10-30% of your […]

Scott Phillips

Ingvar was Right

Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of Ikea, famously said “An idea without a pricetag has no meaning”.  He liked the phrase so much he had it painted on the walls of his stores. I must confess to being annoyed the first time I read this statement.   It seemed a crass reduction of ideas to simple commerce.  […]

Scott Phillips

Margin Matters

I was at a meeting a few months ago with a potential client, a startup with 5-10 employees, discussing their medical device.  It was a disposables revenue model with injection molded plastic and electronics in a single-use device.  As part of our initial product definition discussion I asked what the end user sell price would […]

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