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A few years ago I started interviewing successful serial medical device entrepreneurs. Then I began assembling data from people I identified through Google or LinkedIn searches. It’s always fascinating to hear their stories and realize how they’ve improved or saved thousands of lives in many different ways. Typical of the entrepreneurs I speak with, Doug Evans […]

How your medical device can do either On Feb 11th of this year, gravitational waves were detected for the first time at the LIGO facility in the USA. Theorized in 1916 (by Einstein), they were finally proven, answering one of science’s most fundamental questions in our understanding of physics and the universe.  Did anyone else notice […]

What do EMC testing, changing from Alarp to AFAP, medical device colors and the pros and cons of two popular ultrasound signal processing techniques have in common?  If you guessed they were among the Top 10 most read medical device blogs of 2015, you’re probably an engineer, a QA/RA professional, or subscribe to  StarFish Medical […]

Due North InnovationSketch to Launch Process I described the Sketch to Launch process that Brenda Edin and I use at Due North Innovation to provide commercialization services to the medical industry at the recent Medical Device Commercialization Playbook event in Vancouver BC.  The following is a transcript of my talk at the event.

  How to choose colour for your medical device Guessing which colour will be received well by the market is a very risky method for a product that has been thoughtfully developed.You can enhance the success of your medical devices through thoughtful colour design. My first blog discussed the impact of current colour trends in medical device and how […]

For almost a century, green was the colour of hospitals and medical devices. That’s because back in 1914, according to a fascinating story in the Canadian Medical Journal, US surgeon Dr. Harry Sherman found the traditional white background much too bright and glaring under the new electric lighting systems. Reasoning that green was the colour […]