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Brian King

Using Monte Carlo Simulation for Biomedical Device Design

Light from biomedical devices interacts with human tissue, which contains a variety of structures and cell sizes and shapes. In many cases, optical scattering plays a strong role in the propagation of optical radiation. One common approach to simulating scattering is the Monte Carlo technique. Popular optics-simulation software incorporates Monte Carlo scattering, allowing you to […]

Bjarne Hansen

Bjarne’s Ultrasound Primer

  I love working with ultrasound.  Diagnostic imaging devices are what most people think of when ultrasound is mentioned, but it is also widely used for analyzing body fluids, treating kidney stones, enhancing drug delivery, and managing pain. My StarFish clients have innovative as well as traditional applications for ultrasound.   Those projects involve general 2D […]

Vincent Crabtree

Optics Expertise: Re-use IVD Verification Test Equipment in Manufacturing QC

Transfer to manufacturing is sometimes overlooked during the medical device product development program.  The FDA 21 CFR 820.30 requires manufacturers establish and maintain procedures to ensure that the device design is correctly translated into production specifications, and ISO13485 (required for Health Canada and Europe) requires transfer activities to be planned under section 7.3.1. You can […]

Vincent Crabtree

Optics Expertise: Low Cost Optical Sensing Techniques for Point of Care IVDs

Many In-Vitro diagnostic Devices (IVDs) employ optical techniques to sense.  For example, labelled antibodies fluoresce when stimulated and reagents are available which, when applied to particular body fluids, change colour depending on some physiological effect.  Although research tools for detecting these effects, such as ELISA, are common in the Lab, an ELISA reader is an […]

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