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Helen Simons

Inspiring Inclusion – Women in STEM

This year’s International Women’s day theme is ‘Inspire Inclusion’. In this blog I’ll share statistics around women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and the inspiration I’ve gained from inclusion improvements during my career.

Alexandra Reid

Gender Equity in Medical Devices: Bridging the Data Gap

The gender data gap of high-quality, gender-specific data represents a critical challenge in healthcare, particularly in the development and efficacy of medical devices for women. Drawing upon Caroline Criado Perez’s insightful work, “Invisible Women: Data Bias in a World Designed for Men,” and the commentary “Medical Devices, Invisible Women, Harmful Consequences,” by Phillips et al. […]

Astero StarFish

21 Interview Questions that Work (and Why)

It’s job-hunting season! This blog shares favorite questions and techniques (with the reasoning behind these questions) that our employees have used or encountered for a variety of roles in medical device development. An interesting mix of classics and new twists, we hope they provide inspiration for future interviews and insights into StarFish culture. 

Astero StarFish

Our Employees’ Resolutions for 2024

Good intentions, diets, exercising and New Year resolutions. Hey, it’s already February! Have you made, started, delayed or abandoned your resolution? No worries. This blog features resolutions and traditions from our employees. May they help inspire you to start the New Year (or February) with positive goals. Before jumping into individual resolutions, let’s start with […]

Astero StarFish

21 Great Reads in 2023

Books sometimes call to you for reasons that you don’t totally know why. But they become clearer as you reflect on them. Our annual list of favorite employee reads is full of inspiration, intrigue, and action for holiday downtime or whenever you need a mental escape. In no particular order, please peruse and enjoy 21 […]

Astero StarFish

Our Top 10 Medical Device Videos of 2023

The number of StarFish Medical YouTube subscribers grew by 32% in 2023 and social media views increased an amazing 100%. This round-up features the 10 most viewed Medical Device videos that we created in 2023. Our 2023 top 10 medical device commercialization videos cover a variety of medical device commercialization topics ranging from Prototyping Proof […]

Astero StarFish

10 Most Read New Medical Device Blogs in 2023

This year’s list of most read StarFish Medical blogs features the 10 most read blogs written in 2023 and the 10 most read employee written blogs during 2023 including some from back in 2014. Our new blogs include expertise and insights from three new authors, two group blogs and five articles from blogging veterans. Topics […]

Astero StarFish

18 Tips to Optimize Your Return to Office

We began returning to office in late 2022 and continue developing new work practices, adjusting to new renovations, and bonding with colleagues added during our months of remote working. This blog offers tips and insights from StarFish Medical employees from their experiences transitioning to working in the office or hybrid working.

Collins Nzom

What Recruiters Seek in Candidates

A few weeks into my role as a recruiter at StarFish Medical, I was surprised to discover that while many positions had similar or even identical titles as seen on most job boards, the experience and skills required to perform them varied widely. So, when I began recruiting for our open roles my first instinct […]

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