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FAQs for Potential EE Co-ops

Co-op students answer FAQs and share their experiences Want to experience the Biomedical Device industry from a front row seat? Consider doing a co-op term with an Electrical Engineering (“EE”) team. Diana Cancelliere and Holden Jones answer FAQs that potential EE co-ops may have. “The hands-on industry experience gained during our co-op term at StarFish […]

Astero StarFish

30 Bucket List Vacation Plans

Still wondering what to do on your summer vacation. We asked StarFish Medical employees to share their bucket list vacation activities. It’s four years and a pandemic since our first Vacation Bucket List blog. Outdoor Activities, Family and Friends, Travel, Community, and Education (or some combination of these categories) were high on StarFish 2022 plans.

Astero StarFish

Women in STEM and ‘Break the Bias’

International Women’s Day is an inspirational moment to celebrate women across all cultures, industries, and professions. We contemplated what we, as women in STEM, wanted to share on behalf of StarFish Medical on social media for this year’s theme of ‘Break the Bias’. In doing so, we also reflected on how we could contribute to […]


Extended Job Interview Process Benefits

“A job interview is not a test of your knowledge, but your ability to use it at the right time.” Is the purpose of a job interview a process to test the candidate’s ability or  is there more to it? Should interviewers also try to understand whether a candidate is a cultural fit with the […]

Pamela Potts

Creating an Award-Winning Company Culture

An award-winning culture is not the work of a single individual or even a handful of individuals.  Yes, it’s true that the tone comes from the top, but there are many “tops” in any organization and thus many points at which the culture can falter. There are overall cultures and then there are subcultures.  Every […]

Jess Hickman

Best Practices for Managing Work/Life Balance

The topic of managing work/life balance came up during a recent meeting. Most of the group acknowledged that it’s a tricky thing to manage. It sounds like it’s just two things: work and life. But it’s so much more than that. Life is broken out into many areas such as family, friends, health, hobbies, and […]

Tess Carswell

Developing and Running an Industry-Integrated Human Factors Engineering Course

Although engineering students graduate from their program well-equipped with the theoretical concepts taught in class, they often lack practical knowledge regarding their particular industry [1]. Such gaps between technical teachings and industry requirements could potentially be filled by integrating an industry perspective into programs and course delivery. Further benefit can be derived when such industry-integrated […]

Astero StarFish

15 Favorite Reads from 2021

This blog is inspired by a LinkedIn post from Arash Samimi and the upcoming holiday break. “I often think of reading books as a means to create a worldview. I want to know what the world looks like today, how we got here and how we can do better tomorrow. The world opportunities and challenges […]

Astero StarFish

What Will You Do First When COVID is Under Control?

Summer is (almost) officially here. Vaccinations are up and lock downs are loosening as regions reach herd immunity levels. We’ve been working remotely for over a year, so it seemed like a good time to test StarFish culture. Yes, there is a consensus. Read on and see if you agree with our employee choices for […]

Nigel Syrotuck

What Does the Ideal Medtech Co-Op Look Like?

StarFish Medical hires many engineering students for medtech co-op positions in our product design department. A question I get asked a lot is: “what does the ideal medtech co-op look like to you?” The answer is complex and can vary. Everyone has their own strengths, but there are some general things that we look for […]

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