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Nadia Routhier

Cardboard Mock-Ups Vs. 3D Printing for Rapid Iterations

When I joined StarFish Medical I was pretty stoked about the 3D printer and marvelled at the prints created by the Mechanical Engineers and Industrial Designers. As a Human Factors Engineer in product development my favorite challenges are the ones that call on imaginative solutions for investigating and testing use-related ideas and concepts for new […]

Mike Camplin

MPO: 3D Printing in Dental Prosthodontics, Orthodontics, and Surgery

The May 10, 2022 online issue of Medical Product Outsourcing (MPO) features online exclusive, 3D Printing in Dental Prosthodontics, Orthodontics, and Surgery, written by Nathan Muller, StarFish Medical Mechanical Engineer. Sub-headed 3D printing is making inroads in dentistry and disrupting traditional approaches, this second blog of a series showcases 3D printed medical devices for prosthodontics, […]

Mike Camplin

MPO: 3D Printing in Dentistry: Now and the Future

The February 9, 2022 online edition of Medical Product Outsourcing (MPO) features 3D Printing in Dentistry: Now and the Future by Nathan Muller, Mechanical Engineer at StarFish Medical. Subheaded Prosthetic dentistry is the main focus of 3D printing applications, the article discusses applications leveraging both existing dental 3D printing technologies and future applications including productization […]

Nigel Syrotuck

DIY COVID-19 Medical Devices

One response to possible COVID-19 medical device shortages is to try to hack DIY COVID-19 medical devices together. It’s very empowering to see open-source communities come together to try to turn out a workable design to help avoid dire shortages for those in need. However, development of medical devices is far more nuanced than it […]

Zach Mears

How to get the most from your FDM 3D printer

Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) desktop 3D printers have become a huge part of prototyping and testing. Knowing how to get the most out of your 3D printer is increasingly important when designing parts. There are countless factors that influence the quality of your final printed parts, such as print temperature, layer height, and print speed. […]

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