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David Felix

3 ways to leverage talent in medtech development  

I would like to take us all back to high school Biology for a moment to remember the concept of emergent properties. These properties only come out when individual parts start interacting with each other in any given system. Take common salt for example. The fact that it tastes salty does not mean that the sodium and chlorine which make up salt also taste salty. Saltiness […]

Niall Redmond

Medical Device Branding is Storytelling

Branding is storytelling – even in medical device branding. Every product has a story, and like most good stories it is a summary of not how it grew, but how it overcame failure. Good Industrial Design tells the story of both the company and the product as one.

Annelies Tjebbes

Optimizing Medical Device Design Value AND Innovation

I am a strong believer in optimizing medical device design.  Innovation (the act of developing or introducing something new) and value (merit or utility) are best when paired hand in hand.  If you generate value without innovation (ex. marginal improvement in glucose monitoring technologies), you are creating an incremental change that doesn’t address the root […]

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