Conversations with remarkable
medical technology entrepreneurs

Chiu Chau

Turning an Open Source Dream into a Billion Dollar Business

After 25 years as a staff engineer in tech companies, Chiu Chau became a late-career entrepreneur with an audacious open-sourced laboratory robotics dream. Somehow, against all odds, he succeeded and today Opentrons is worth over $1.8B. Come hear the crazy story by the iconoclastic Chiu himself.

Scott Phillips, Medical Device Playbook and StarFish Medical Founder, hosts and moderates live audience Q&A with presenter.

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Frank Baylis and Kris Shah
Baylis Medical

Frank Baylis and Kris Shah share their remarkable 40 year journey transforming and bootstrapping Baylis Medical Company to a $2 Billion exit and acquisition by Boston Scientific in October 2021. Recording of interview with Scott Phillips for #MDPLAYBOOK webinar enhanced with images of the journey from Frank and Kris’ private collections.

TOPICS INCLUDE: – Secret to Long Partnerships – Bootstrapping from 2 to 1000+ Employees – From Distributor to Manufacturer – Managing Mistakes – Adding a Board – Increasing Exit Value – Seeking an Exit

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Steve Arless
CryoCath Technologies, CardioInsight, Resonant Medical

Steven G Arless is a Canadian entrepreneur in the biomedical technology industry. He was the CEO of several medical device companies, including CryoCath Technologies, CardioInsight and Resonant Medical.

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Geof Auchinleck
Claris Healthcare Inc.

Chairman & CEO, Claris Healthcare Inc., Geof Auchinleck has more than 35 years of experience in the medical device field. He was part of the Vancouver-based team that built and tested the world’s first robot specifically designed to assist in surgery, then went on to develop a number of other surgical technologies, including surgical tools for laparoscopic surgery, surgical limb positioning, blood sample handling equipment, apparatus for total knee arthroplasty and surgical drapes. He holds 21 US patents for various medical device technologies.

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Amr Salahieh

Amr Salahieh shares the Shifamed Story. Recording of interview for #MDPLAYBOOK webinar with Scott Phillips, Founder of Medical Device Playbook. Creating the Most Active Medical Device Innovation Hub in the World: Amr Salahieh and Shifamed live webinar took place on Friday, September 18th, 2020.

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