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MPO: 4 Ways to Align Product Development with Investor Milestones

June 3, 2022


The June 1, 2022 online issue of Medical Product Outsourcing (MPO) features online and print exclusive, 4 Ways to Align Product Development with Investor Milestones, written by Scott Phillips, StarFish Medical Founder and CEO. Sub-headed Aligning all technical activities around the investor gates typically means, the whole company must be aligned around lean startup milestones, the column shows how to align your technical team’s activities in support of your lean medtech startup journey.

Scott provides this background to his theories, “After 23 years and participating in hundreds of medtech stories, I believe creating founder value has a lot to do with focusing on value an investor would recognize. The lean medtech startup journey is about investment efficiency and risk mitigation. It envisions the startup as a series of experiments, prioritized by risks. Unsurprisingly, the typical technical phase-gates in a development process correspond quite well with typical investor milestones.”

In addition to the 4 strategies, the column includes case study examples and closes with this advice from Scott, “While matching activities to investor milestones in a medtech startup seems straightforward, in practice it is anything but easy. Having everybody aligned on the goal is a good start but isn’t sufficient. Different people will naturally have different interpretations of what those goals mean.”


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