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MPO: How to Use Your Technical Team to Determine Product-Market Fit

May 9, 2023

Screenshot of Scott Phillips' MPO column: How to Use Your Technical Team to Determine Product-Market Fit

The May 9, 2023 online issue of Medical Product Outsourcing (MPO) features online and print exclusive, How to Use Your Technical Team to Determine Product-Market Fit, written by Scott Phillips, StarFish Medical Founder and CEO. In the column, Phillips shares insights into product-market fit and grapples with one key question: Are there approaches to product development that minimize the risk of failure while maximizing opportunity? 

“In our business of product development, we have front row seats when clients build successful markets or achieve big exits but those seats also offer a unique vantage point when a product misses the mark […], most often, the reason for failure is simply a lack of customers for various complex and hidden reasons.” Phillips offers his advice on the importance of technical teams based on examples from his several decades of experience in product development.

He concludes: “There is a lot to be gained by leveraging technical teams in a flexible approach to product development. If used well, the teams are essential tools for value proposition clarification and communication.”

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