Collins Nzom

What Recruiters look out for in Candidates

Medtech Recruiters Candidates InterviewA few weeks into my role as a recruiter at StarFish Medical, I was surprised to discover that while many positions had similar or even identical titles as seen on most job boards, the experience and skills required to perform them varied widely.
So, when I began recruiting for our open roles my first instinct was to search for candidates from within our industry that would have experience with the same kind of regulatory controls, quality management practices, and design and development tools we have here.  But I quickly learned that that was not enough, and why at StarFish, we take a different approach to finding new talent.

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Alexandra Reid

FDA and Health Canada streamline medical device submissions with joint eSTAR portal

FDA Health Canada eSTARThe U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is partnering with Health Canada to launch a joint electronic Submission Template and Resource (eSTAR) pilot.
The joint pilot, announced on January 10th, 2023, will test the feasibility of allowing sponsors to submit medical device submissions to both regulatory bodies through the FDA’s eSTAR online portal. Requests for participating in the pilot are now open to a maximum of nine participants.

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Astero StarFish

Medical Device Commercialization Resolutions for 2023

Medical Device Commercialization ResolutionsHave you made your medical device commercialization resolutions for 2023? We polled our quality, regulatory, project management, manufacturing, and engineering experts for their New Year resolutions. De-risking early, communicating often, testing, and managing pivots were top themes for 2023.
Read their medical device commercialization resolutions below:

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Do VR Design Tools Live Up To The Hype?

How VR design tools can improve product development

VR is one of the hottest trending tools in Industrial Design. Whether on social media or at conferences, designers are talking about how they use VR in the design process. In fact, we wrote about how VR can change Medical Device Design – XR is about to Revolutionize Medical Device Design.
When it comes to generating, visualizing, and evaluating concepts, designers have multiple VR tools at their disposal. But how does VR stack up to conventional methods in sketching and CAD? If you would like to know the answer, keep reading.

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Astero StarFish

Our Favorite Books in 2022

Favorite Books in 2022With holiday breaks looming, our bloggers and avid readers contributed a list of books they enjoyed most in 2022. It’s an eclectic mix – different, yet familiar to our list from 2021. The topics and comments reflect a StarFish range of interests with a willingness to learn and share. We wish a happy holiday season and good reading to all.

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