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Brian King

10 Tips for Medical Device Optical-Breadboard Prototypes

When designing a medical device made of complex, multi-functional mutually interacting subsystems it’s best to de-risk those subsystems instead of coming up with a paper design, assembling it, and hoping it works first time. De-risking individual subsystem behaviours one at a time enables more-focused assessments and improves troubleshooting. For an optical subsystem, this de-risking is […]

Astero StarFish

Commercializing Medical Devices with Optics

Commercializing a medical device with optical components brings a unique set of challenges. We asked our multi-disciplinary team of engineers, regulatory, manufacturing and optics experts to share their experiences and lessons learned for commercializing medical devices with optics components and interacting with optics engineers. Learn what they pay attention to and how they change behavior […]

Ryan Field

A Comparison of Detection and Imaging Methods Used in Optical Coherence Tomography

Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is an imaging technique with many current and potential applications in medical devices. The most common medical uses of OCT are in ophthalmology and optometry, in which OCT is commonly used to take cross-sectional or 3D scans of the eye’s anterior and posterior segments. Other areas of active development include dentistry, […]

Astero StarFish

Our Top 10 Medical Device Videos of 2023

The number of StarFish Medical YouTube subscribers grew by 32% in 2023 and social media views increased an amazing 100%. This round-up features the 10 most viewed Medical Device videos that we created in 2023. Our 2023 top 10 medical device commercialization videos cover a variety of medical device commercialization topics ranging from Prototyping Proof […]

Astero StarFish

10 Most Read New Medical Device Blogs in 2023

This year’s list of most read StarFish Medical blogs features the 10 most read blogs written in 2023 and the 10 most read employee written blogs during 2023 including some from back in 2014. Our new blogs include expertise and insights from three new authors, two group blogs and five articles from blogging veterans. Topics […]

Ryan Field

Tolerancing Simulation for Medical Device Optical Systems

Tolerancing is often an essential step in understanding the manufacturing/assembly requirements of an optical system designed for use in medical devices. The use of optical design software for tolerancing simulations is a valuable tool for identifying the specific manufacturing/alignment errors that can be allowed and their limits. Zemax OpticStudio® is a popular optical design software […]

Tammy Lee

Revolutionizing Medical Imaging Devices with Optical Imaging

Optical imaging tools can enhance the crucial role of biomedical imaging in accurately identifying diseases and monitoring their progression. Conventional medical imaging devices such as X-rays, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound, and positron emission tomography (PET) are commonly used in clinical settings (Figure 1). However, these imaging modalities are limited in their […]

Brian King

Incoherent-Light Hazard Classification for Medical Devices

There are numerous light-hazard classification standards that may pertain to your medical device: ISO 60601-2-57, IEC 62471, ANSI RP-27-20, ISO 15004-2, ANSI Z80.36, ISO 10936-2, ISO 10939, and so on… In this blog post, I’ll examine certain commonalities and points of potential confusion of the “big 4” incoherent-light-source safety standards: IEC 62471 and ANSI RP-27-20 […]

Ryan Field

Medical Device Camera Image Sensor Considerations

Produce the most high-fidelity images and/or cleanest data possible Part 3: Types of Image Sensors Camera sensors are common components of medical devices. This blog covers various types of image sensors. Generally, image sensors consist of an array of photosensitive pixels. In typical camera applications, such sensors measure the spatial pattern of light focused by […]

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