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Our 10 most viewed videos in 2018

StarFish Medical videos are created to help viewers learn about medical device design, development and manufacture.  They are also a great way to get a better sense of the people you will be partnering with at StarFish.
The top 10 viewed Starfish Medical videos for 2018 include 2 new videos and many favorites from previous years. Want to see our videos when they debut? Subscribe to our Youtube channel or newsletter.

  1. What’s New in ISO 13485:2016  Many medical device regulatory requirements are changing: CMDCAS is being replaced by MDSAP, European regulations MDR and IVDR are replacing MDD and IVD, a revision of ISO 13485 becomes effective in Mar 2019. StarFish Medical QA/RA experts discuss these changes with an emphasis on ISO 13485:2016.
  2. Working at StarFish Medical  Would you like to know what it’s like to work at StarFish Medical? 18 employees (including Founder and CEO, Scott Phillips) 14 questions about working at StarFish and living in Victoria. From company philosophy to traits that make StarFish employees unique and successful, spend six and a half minutes with our team. You’ll learn why we love Victoria BC and what makes us the largest medical device design and manufacturing company in Canada.
  3. What it takes to build a $100M Medical Product or Company This presentation by Scott Phillips, CEO and Founder of StarFish Medical, at Medical Device Playbook Toronto 2018 examines successful Canadian medtech entrepreneurs and identifies key success factors.
  4. 9 Tips to improve Medical Device Design & Usability The award winning Industrial Design and Human Factors team at StarFish Medical shares tips that will improve medical device design & usability. Using real life examples, these pros address testing, timelines, regulations, and mindsets that can positively impact the quality and usability of medical devices.
  5. Medical Device Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs  Scott Phillips, and Director of QA/RA, Vesna Janic, join StarFish Medical team members to discuss the experience, process, quality and innovation they bring to Medical Device entrepreneurs and organizations requiring QA/RA and QMS-in-a-Box assistance.
  6. In-Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) Devices  Scott Phillips and StarFish Medical team members discuss the range and breadth of experience, process, quality and innovation they bring to In-Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) Device entrepreneurs and organizations seeking to turn concepts into approved IVD medical devices.
  7. 7 Tips for Connecting Medical Device Adding medical device connectivity to external systems will become a requirement in the near future.  StarFish Medical experts share tips and insights to help you connect your medical device.
  8. Manufacturing  StarFish Medical specializes in low to medium volume production of electromechanical medical devices. As a full service medical device manufacturer, we also pilot production for new product introduction for higher volumes. Hear case studies and unique StarFish manufacturing expertise from the team that makes it happen.
  9. Project Management Expertise  Scott Phillips describes what’s unique about the company approach to project management. Five project managers talk about their approach to managing projects. Having the help of a project manager is critical for medical device design, development, and manufacture. Otherwise the project would blow up and take 3x longer. Without a good project manager, the design and development team wouldn’t systematically go after the high risk items. They wouldn’t know when it’s good enough and when to focus on something else.
  10. Manufacturing Designed for NPI  Learn why choosing a development and manufacturing partner designed for New Product Introduction (NPI) is important to the success of your medical device. Hear from Scott Phillips, StarFish Medical President and Founder, and StarFish manufacturing and supply chain leaders. Subjects include 3 Root Causes of NPI Problems, Optimizing Supply Chain, Process Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (PFMEA) Tips, and When to Involve Manufacturing in the Design Process.

Astero StarFish is the attributed author of StarFish Medical team blogs.  We value teamwork and collaborate on all of our medical device development projects.

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