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Robert Aitken


Gemelli trio-smart® Commercializing Revolutionary Breath Test Technology The trio-smart® breath test measures the levels of hydrogen, methane, and hydrogen sulfide in the breath of patients after lactulose or glucose consumption. The levels of measured gases help identify bacterial overgrowth and other GI illnesses.

Joris van der Heijden

Developing a Diagnostic Product for Use Outside a Laboratory

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased diagnostic testing outside the confinement of the laboratory. The hope is to enable healthcare professionals to perform testing in places where it was previously unthinkable to sample patients and directly analyze test results. Such places now include your home, airports, or the workplace. These innovative solutions greatly reduce the time […]

Lorenzo Gutierrez

Five Applications Using Microfluidic Machine Learning

Microfluidics is a powerful tool on its own, but over the past years, the combination of microfluidics and Machine Learning (ML) has enabled microfluidic technologies to push into new areas and applications. Microfluidics is a fluid handling technique which takes place inside micro-channels or pathways using nano/microliter volumes. It has been used in many applications […]

Ryan Field

Overview of Optical Technologies for Point of Care Medical Devices

This blog provides an overview of optical technologies for point of care (POC) medical devices that have been developed or show promise. Point-of-care (POC) testing is diagnostic testing conducted at or near the location where a patient is receiving medical care (away from a clinical laboratory). POC diagnostic devices allow for rapid diagnoses immediately following […]

Nick Allan

Biotech in medical device companies

3 compelling reasons to pursue a Bio Services career in medical devices 2020 highlighted the need for Biotech in medical devices and shone a light on potential careers in this field.  The global CoVID-19 pandemic developed and grew over 2020 from the initial focus on traditional medical device development to rapid development and manufacture of […]

Mike Camplin

BioTEC Biotechnology and Bioengineering Conference: StarFish sponsor

  StarFish Medical is a platinum sponsor and exhibitor at the BioTEC Biotechnology and Bioengineering Conference, Canada’s premier student-run conference focused on the intersection of healthcare and technology. BioTEC 2020 will take place online on Saturday, November 21st.  Lorenzo Gutierrez, Microfluidics manager and Interim Toronto Site Director, will be participating and staffing the StarFish virtual […]

Mike Camplin

NRC-CRAFT Virtual Symposium – StarFish Virtual Booth

StarFish Medical will host a virtual booth at the CRAFT Virtual Symposium, a 1.5-day event on Nov. 9-10, 2020, that showcases cutting-edge microfluidics research related to organ-on-chips, biofabrication and diagnostic devices. The Centre for Research and Applications in Fluidic Technologies (CRAFT) is a unique partnership between the University of Toronto (UofT) and the National Research Council […]

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