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Ryan Field

Tolerancing Simulation for Medical Device Optical Systems

Tolerancing is often an essential step in understanding the manufacturing/assembly requirements of an optical system designed for use in medical devices. The use of optical design software for tolerancing simulations is a valuable tool for identifying the specific manufacturing/alignment errors that can be allowed and their limits. Zemax OpticStudio® is a popular optical design software […]

Tammy Lee

Revolutionizing Medical Imaging Devices with Optical Imaging

Optical imaging tools can enhance the crucial role of biomedical imaging in accurately identifying diseases and monitoring their progression. Conventional medical imaging devices such as X-rays, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound, and positron emission tomography (PET) are commonly used in clinical settings (Figure 1). However, these imaging modalities are limited in their […]

Ryan Field

Medical Device Camera Image Sensor Considerations

Produce the most high-fidelity images and/or cleanest data possible Part 3: Types of Image Sensors Camera sensors are common components of medical devices. This blog covers various types of image sensors. Generally, image sensors consist of an array of photosensitive pixels. In typical camera applications, such sensors measure the spatial pattern of light focused by […]

Brian King

Coupling Light from LEDs and Light Guides in Medical Devices

Moulded plastic light guides are an inexpensive means to “pipe” light around inside a medical device. Their design process makes light guides amenable to a variety of shapes and sizes.  Applications include delivering light to an indicator, a switch, or a peripheral diagnostic attachment, thus, these optical guides are an attractive technology for solving a […]

Mike Camplin

MPO: 5 Guidelines for Productizing an Optically Based Medical Device

The April 29, 2021 online edition of MPO (Medical Product Outsourcing) magazine features 5 Guidelines for Productizing an Optically Based Medical Device written by Brian King, Principal Optical Systems Engineer at StarFish Medical. Sub-headed Pitfalls most relevant to optical medical devices, but many are applicable to medical devices without optics, the article highlights pitfalls most […]

Ryan Field

Spectrometer from home materials

Make a real-time, wavelength-calibrated spectrometer using common household items. Like many others, I’m currently working from home due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Fortunately, a significant portion of my optical engineering work, such as research, modelling and design, can be done without going into the office. On the other hand, I generally avoid going into […]

Mike Camplin

StarFish Medical May 2020 Medtech Optics Issue is now online

StarFish Medical May 2020 Medtech Optics Issue is now online. In this issue: 8 Tips for POC diagnostic optical detection Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging Optics handling during manufacturing Approaching medical device optics projects In-Person vs. Virtual Training Careers April Images   About StarFish Medical and May Medtech News  Empowering Medtech Innovation® StarFish Medical is a […]

Brian King

Five recommendations for approaching medical device optics projects

Five powerful perspectives for the Optics Laboratory Implementing medical device optics projects like a novel measurement scheme, or bringing up a breadboard prototype for the first time, is a dynamic and messy endeavour. I’d like to share five key recommendations for approaching such journeys based on my 25 years of designing and implementing laser-based measurements.

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